Health and Safety is at the forefront of everything we do

Over the last year, we’ve continued to integrate Health and Safety into all operational aspects of the business.

This has meant a significant increase in the scope and requirements for either involvement or oversight business wide and as a result has seen our Health and Safety team grow in size to three full time and one part time employees.

We retained our tertiary grading in the Accident Compensation Corporation audit for the tenth year running. The tertiary grading is the highest obtainable and retaining it demonstrates our commitment to the health and safety of our staff.

Health and Wellness

Our port is an operationally dynamic place where many roles are physically demanding. We’ve recognised the importance of being physically fit in the workplace and the benefits that come along with regular exercise.

Our employee exercise programme, PortFit, was specifically developed for port staff by Productive Biomechanics in late 2014 to address shoulder and back injuries. It has since grown to offer over 20 classes per week to staff of varying fitness abilities. It has developed strong support company-wide with the introduction of additional nutritional support in early 2015.

Staff have the option to attend over twenty classes per week led by Productive Biomechanics, with the programme proving to be a strong contributor to staff engagement across business functions.

We’ve continued running a rigorous drug and alcohol screening programme that was introduced in early 2014. The programme applies to all port users, including contractors and office based staff, and includes random testing. As a responsible employer we offer rehabilitation in the first instance to any employee that fails their test.




The nature of operations at our port means that we’re a high-risk workplace for injuries, and as such safety is our number one priority. This year we’ve remained committed to constantly improving safety in our workplace with the introduction of new initiatives.

In late 2014 we entered into an agreement with software company CMO to install a centralised online system for incident reporting and hazard management; PortSafe. The software ensures our incident reporting and investigation is nothing less than best practice. It allows us to track internal and external auditing, including ship and port inspections.

Training has also been at the forefront of our focus for safety.

Training has also been at the forefront of our focus for safety this past year which has resulted in considerable resource allocated to manager training for incident investigation and risk assessment and management. We provided forty front line managers, operational performance coaches and health and safety representatives with ICAM (Incident Causation Analysis Method) training and now apply the ICAM method of investigation for significant incidents. We also provided managers and employee representatives with risk management training in anticipation of the requirements of the new Health & Safety at Work Act.

Another focus has been communication, with several initiatives implemented in this area. Formalised briefings before stevedoring shifts have been introduced, ship-board risks are identified and logged on a ‘Hazard Board’ at the bottom of each gangway and monthly health and safety reports are distributed in common areas to reach non-desk based staff.

Seafuels, a 50:50 fuel bunkering joint venture between our port and PB Bunkers BVI Ltd, celebrated a significant safety milestone this year. The company was acknowledged for reaching two years of operation with no lost-time injuries incurred. Z Energy acknowledged Seafuels for this feat during the signing of a 10 year charter that will provide convenient and safe bunkering for marine fuel customers in our port.